What should I do when a message is incorrectly tagged as spam or junk?

Root Folder
The first steps is to determine how the message ended up in your spam or junk email folder. When our system suspects that a message is spam but is not 100% confident then [BULK] is inserted into the message subject and the email is passed on to your mail system.

If the message is in your spam or junk email folder without a [BULK] in the subject line then something else was responsible for falsely classifying this message as spam. The common culprits are your email system or your mail client. Outlook itself is very aggressive when classifying messages as spam. In this case we can help you turn off Outlook spam filtering or find what else could be causing the problem.

If the message is incorrectly tagged with [BULK] then open a ticket at http://support.noventech.com and paste the email message into the ticket window. If you forward the ticket to our support portal it may also be blocked.
You'll be notified when we have resolved the issue for that sender via our ticketing system.

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