What messages are considered spam?

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Messages that are considered spam are messages that:
  • You never signed up to receive and are unsolicited.
  • Contain malicious code that can compromise your computer.
  • Are part of phishing scams that can lead to identity theft.
Message that are not considered spam are messages that:
  • Are sent from legitimate companies that you have signed up to receive e-mail alerts from.
  • Are part of a mailing list that you are a part of.
Since our spam service filters messages for many organizations we can not block legitimate messages that you simply no longer want to receive. Messages that you receive from mailing lists will contain unsubscribe instructions on the bottom of the message. Follow those instructions, which usually take you to their website or require you to reply to the message, and you will no longer receive those messages. This procedure may have to be done more than once if you receive multiple mailing from the same company.

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