Why do I receive tagged [BULK] messages on my smartphone?

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Most users will set up a rule in their mail client that will move messages with [BULK] in the subject line into their spam or junk email folder. This will work well but will happen after the message is received and in your inbox. If your smartphone is connected to a Microsoft Exchange or just a standard POP3 or IMAP account then it will find that message in your inbox and it will be downloaded to your phone.

When setting up rules to redirect [BULK] messages it will be best to do that on the server. If you have a POP3 or IMAP account then this can usually be done from your webmail location. If you're using a Microsoft Exchange server, this can be done by creating a Server rule in Outlook or from the Outlook Web Access websites.

From then on, the message will never be temporarily in your inbox and will never be seen from your smartphone.

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